The words that resonates with kindness are Affectionateness,Warmth, Gentleness, Tenderness,Care, Concern, Support, Assistance etc..

Rain Kindness!

Radiate Kindness!

Devoting your time and resources to others bring Happiness and Wellbeing.

It gives Peace and a sense of Satisfaction to the giver. Aspire to be the giver of Love,Warmth,Affection,….


Kindness brings people closer,it is the greatest Friction Reducer in the world. It makes us better a human being and brings meaning to our lives.

Celebrate Kindness

Whenever you see a person in need of help,just extend your hand for help and smile. Say don’t worry,” I am there for you.”It makes a huge difference.

A kind word can make a person so happy,do that often. Compliment people for their endeavours and tell people “I Love You.” Sharing,donating,helping in different ways,refusing to gossip and badmouthing are all acts of kindness. Celebrate the success of people whole heartedly and motivate them to do better in future. Be Genuinely happy for other person,it helps to build and strengthen relationships.


You-Yourself,as much as anybody in the entire Universe,deserves your love and affection….Buddha

Treating Yourself Kindly ……Self Kindness

Self Kindness is extending compassion to yourself.

Remember,it is very important to Love and Care for yourself first as you can’t pour from an empty cup.

FLY … First Love Yourself

Don’t neglect yourself,you deserve to be treated with same tenderness,love and care,you might feel for your loved one.Be gentle to yourself. Generate feelings of Care, Affection and Comfort towards oneself instead of always being Self-Critical.

So, Practice Kindness for Self and for Others and Nurture Compassion for yourself and Others.

You Matter!

Love Yourself!

Be Kind to others!